Monday, September 17, 2012


My birthday week got even better over this past weekend.  This very blog, right here on, which I first began posting to on May 7, 2010, passed 7,000 pageviews, and the Official Collin Daniels YouTube Channel, which went live in its present form on March 28 of this year, passed 1,000 video views.  

(You'll notice on my YouTube channel, and on the graphic to the left, that YouTube is displaying that it has 2,000+ video views.  This is due to the fact that this channel began as my one and only YouTube Channel, which had both my videos with and/or about my music, AND all my other videos, such as live videos of other bands and musicians. This past Spring, I moved all my other videos to a new, second YouTube Channel, and kept all the videos related to my music on the original channel.  My other videos had just under 1,000 views before I moved them to my second channel.  So YouTube's displayed count for the Collin Daniels [music] Channel is always going to be about 1,000 views over the tally for just the videos related to my music, that have been, and continue to be on the channel.  Yes, I'm a detail-oriented Virgo and I stopped apologizing for it a long time ago...)

I believe a duality of truths about numbers: they have meaning in one sense, and are meaningless in another.  On the one hand, all that's truly important to me is that I keep making and playing music, and that you and I keep enjoying it together.  So in that sense, these numbers don't mean much.

But what they do mean is you, my wonderful fans and supporters, have continued to demonstrate your interest in my music and my journey as a musician by watching my videos and reading what I write here on my blog.  It's been such a winding, fun and fascinating trip for me since I played my first open mic as a solo artist back in 2009 and started this blog in 2010.  As I mentioned in this past Friday's End-of-Week Wrap-Up post, it looks like there will be many more twists and turns, some perhaps happening very soon. And none of this would be possible without you, continuing to seek me out and enjoy my music with me.

So for these numbers, I thank each and every one of you - my incredibly awesome fans that allow me to do what I love, and what brings such satisfaction and happiness into my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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