Friday, September 14, 2012

End-of-Week Wrap-Up

1. Thanks to everyone who tuned into last night's LIVE from The Basement show on UStream.  Once again, it was a ton of fun.  I played my new song 'Back to the Start' for the first time ever, it was great to finally perform that one.  Can't wait to play it again.  If you missed the live broadcast last night, you can watch the recorded version on my YouTube Channel HERE.  

2. In yesterday's post here, I unveiled a new contest in which you can win a free copy of my album, and a second copy for a friend.  The mystery song you need to complete your entry, which I neither played nor mentioned on LIVE from The Basement last night, is called 'Oh My God (I'm Such a Mess).'  (Song #10 on the fill-in-the-blank photo of the contest.)

3. I was caught Eastwooding at a family reunion in Maine this past Monday.  Hence, the photo above.

4. As some of you know, although I am officially still based in New York City, I have been hiding out some miles north of there (Maine and New Hampshire, to be specific) for some time now. It looks like I may be calling a totally new town 'home' soon, but plans are still not solidified yet.  I will give you the news here as soon as it becomes confirm-able reality.

5. It is football season again, and I am trying very hard to watch only a "reasonable" amount of college and NFL games on TV.  Meaning, not 26 per weekend.  Less than that.  I may let you know how that goes.  Then again, I may not.

6. I did write here some months ago that I would be starting a national solo tour sometime in August of 2012.  Obviously, that did not happen.  Believe me, I want to tour worse than you can possibly imagine.  But it just does not seem to be in the cards right at this exact moment.  I have remained hopeful throughout the summer and beyond that we can do something to get a tour off the ground in the very near future.  Again, keep reading here and I will keep you up-to-date on that, as well.

7. I had to tragically scrap my plans to see the band Jackyl at the Seboeis Stream Area Campground in Howland, Maine tomorrow (Saturday) night.  Neither my sister nor my cousin Dave could clear their schedule to come with me.  I remain hopeful that Jackyl will keep releasing albums and keep touring, that someday I will witness frontman Jesse James Dupree performing the chainsaw solo in 'Lumberjack' live, and that this will all happen before I and all the members of Jackyl turn 70.

8. I got a new haircut yesterday.  If you want to see it, watch my show from last night (see Item #1, above - the Eastwooding photo at top is pre-new-haircut).

9. This is kinda random, but I think more people oughtta check out my good friend C.C. Riley, and listen to her music.  If you wanna be one of those people, you can listen to her songs on ReverbNation HERE

Okay, I think that's it. I'm gonna try not to go watch the Washington State-UNLV football game on ESPN now. Share |

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