Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fourteen...It's a Magic Number

Very psyched for this week's LIVE from The Basement show tonight, which will air online at its regular time of 9:00PM-10:00PM ET/6:00PM-7:00PM PT.  It's Show #14, hard to believe I've done that many since this whole wacky idea started back on April 26.

I've snapped a photo of myself holding the prospective set list for tonight's show here.  You can test your knowledge of the Collin Daniels musical catalog by trying to fill in the blanks to complete all the song titles.  Anyone who messages me on Twitter (@collindaniels), Facebook ( or by e-mail ( by September 30 with all the missing words in this photo will receive a free download of my album Just Keep Goin' for themselves, and a second one for a friend.

Tonight I'll play a brand-new song ('Back __ the ______' in the photo), for the first time anywhere, ever.  I had a lot fun writing this one, and I'm excited to play it for y'all.  To watch and listen to the show, go to at the start time.  

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can watch on that, too.  The best way for you is to download the free UStream App at the Apple App Store - if you haven't already - and watch the show through the app.

Just a word of warning, I may not play every single song on the sheet I am holding in the photo.  I will, most likely, play at least 10 of the 13 you see listed.  If you've seen an episode of the show previously, you know that I don't time the show out exactly beforehand.  I like to keep it flexible and make decisions on the fly sometimes.  I have 13 songs listed because last week I had 11 songs on my list, but I skipped over one by accident, and ran out of songs!  So the show was unintentionally super-short.  

Remember that watching the show live is, of course, the most fun way to experience it.  But if you ABSOLUTELY have to miss for some VERY important reason tonight, I do upload every episode to my Collin Daniels YouTube Channel ( one to three days after the live broadcast.  All past episodes are available for viewing at any time there.

Hope you can join me tonight!  

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