Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Gentler Approach: Open Mic Research

I believe I learned a lot from my experience at the open mic at Lestat's which I tried to play last night.  (See today's earlier post if you missed that story.) This morning I found another open mic, which was going to be tonight at 7:00pm PT at a place called Rebecca's Coffee Shop in the South Park section of town.  So instead of going to play, I went to watch, observe, learn, and talk to some of the people involved.  And it was fantastic!  I had so much fun, and I think picked up how that particular open mic works.  So now I'm excited to play it sometime soon.  (The one week of the month they don't hold this open mic on Tuesdays is the third week, which would be next week.  So two weeks from tonight will be my first shot.)

I wanted to share these two videos I shot while I was there, of two really great performances.  The first one, at the top, is solo performer Timothy Moran, playing 14-string electric luminog, harmonica, and foot-shaker.  You gotta watch it to believe all this guy does.  The second, below, is a band that formed just a month ago, called Mucho Macho.  Three very talented and friendly guys who combine for a great feel-good rock sound.  Check 'em out.

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