Saturday, October 10, 2015

Upcoming Show: Corey Landis LIVE at The Viper Room L.A.

I'm super-excited about a live show I'm going to tomorrow at the Viper Room in Hollywood. My friend Corey Landis and his band the Attacks will be performing.  I've been not only friends with Corey, but a huge fan of his music, for a long time, but he's always lived and done shows in L.A., and up until recently I've always lived somewhere else!  So this is the first time I will watch him play live, and I am stoked.

I've worn out all four of his amazing LP's.  If you've read my series here on my favorite album covers of all time, you'll see the covers for his first two records on the list.  He is incredibly talented and has a really unique songwriting voice, and he writes kickass songs.

If you happen to be in L.A. this Sunday night, I highly recommend this show.  It's gonna be pretty epic! The listed start time is 7:30PM.

You can check out Corey's music at


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