Monday, May 18, 2015

San Diego to L.A.: Part 3

So when the weekend rolled around for Indie Fest 8 in San Diego, I was very excited.  I purchased a multi-day pass that let me see any band I wanted to over the 2 days of the festival.  I went on the Indie Fest website beforehand to check out the bands that would be playing.  Magneta Lane was the only band I knew, so I checked out the other descriptions and made my best guesses as to the other artists I might dig.

One band that sounded cool was Of Verona.  They were going to play Friday night.  I got to the festival early and was one of the few people there when an electronic music/DJ-type group did their show.  The sun began to set and other acts played.  I walked around and listened to some of the other bands from time to time.  Then it finally got dark and the stage crew set up for Of Verona.

Of Verona performing at Indie Fest 8

Of Verona's set had a very profound effect on me.  I really felt like something magical was happening, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  The stage was beautifully set up, with all sorts of pretty lights that played perfectly off the darkness surrounding us.  Of Verona's music was a rich, lush musical tapestry, blending electronic elements with alternative rock.  I felt swept away.

After their set was over, I had planned to just go home.  They were the last band I wanted to see that night, and I had had a full day.  But something made me hang around for a bit.  I walked outside the audience area of the main stage while the crew set up for the next band.  Then for some reason I walked back into the area for the audience - the entrance was far at the back.  And there were the three members of Of Verona, just hanging out.  To my own surprise, I walked up to them and started talking to them.  They were all super-cool.  I told them how awesome and amazing I thought their set was, and they were humble and appreciative.  I asked them to autograph a piece of paper I had with me, and they all signed it.  I asked them were they were from, and they said L.A.

Autographs of all 3 members of Of Verona

I drove back home, my head buzzing with delight.  And I was even more excited for the next day, when I would finally see one of my all-time favorite bands, Magneta Lane, play live, years and years after seeing them for the first time in New York City.

The next day, Saturday, I went back to Indie Fest.  I caught a couple of acts and walked around some of the display booths that were set up.  I hung out with my friend Krystal for a bit - she is an amazing painter I met doing an open mic one night in Pacific Beach.  I have to write a whole blog post all about her and her amazing art sometime soon!  Then it was time for Magenta Lane.

I actually caught Nadia, the drummer, a bit before their set, just walking around.  I went up and introduced myself, and told her what a huge fan I was, and how I couldn't believe they were playing San Diego, where I lived!  She was amazingly nice and cool and thanked me for coming, and told me that French, the bassist, was walking around somewhere, I should say hello to her, too, if I saw her.  So a few moments later I saw French and walked up to her.  I introduced myself, told her I was a big fan.  French was also extremely nice and very cool.  It was awesome to meet these incredibly talented women, but very strange, too...listening to their records for years and years and never knowing if I would ever see them play live again.  Then here we all are, on a gorgeous sunny day in San Diego, just all hanging out pre-show.

Lexi, the lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter, was busy getting accustomed to the guitar and amp she had borrowed from someone locally to play the gig.  But I managed to snap a photo of her tuning back stage and post it to Twitter.

Eventually the show started and there I was, seeing Magneta Lane perform live.  I had bought their 2009 album Gambling with God and their just-released, 4-song EP Witchrock online, and wore both of those out as well, so I knew every song.  They played great, I rocked out under the San Diego sun, and life was very, very good.

I finally meet Lexi very quickly and say hi to Nadia and French again after the show, but I think they had to leave soon after.  I did get them to all autograph the CD cover of my copy of the Witchrock EP.  I told them I would be in L.A. to see them play The Viper Room on the famed Sunset Strip, and headed back home.

Autographed CD Cover of Witchrock EP: French - Bass (Left),
Lexi - Guitar/Vocals (Center), Nadia - Drums (Right)

The next weekend, I would head up the 5 to Los Angeles for my 4-day weekend visiting my friend Mike Wamser, thinking it would just be a visit, a nice getaway from my new hometown of San Diego.

CONTINUED IN PART 4!  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  You're awesome and I appreciate it!!

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