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My 50 Favorite Rock Album Covers: #36-40

This is Part Three of my list of my favorite rock album covers of all time.  I didn’t get any submissions of YOUR favorites that I know of when I posted Part Two, so allow me to reiterate.  I am interested in your favorites, too! So feel free to post here in the comments on the blog, or on Facebook at, or on Twitter @collindaniels.

So here is the second grouping on the list, starting with #40 and going on up to #36.

Collin’s Favorite 50 Rock Album Covers of All Time

#40: Duran Duran – Rio 

If this cover were a painting that was hanging in a museum, I believe it could be accurately titled The 1980’s. I won’t go into it here, but if you Google this sucker, the story of the artist Patrick Nagel is interesting.

#39: Some Girls – Feel It

Somewhere in one of the “How to Be a Professional Rock Musician” books I read years back, one of the tips was: don’t put a photo of the band on the album cover.  The thinking here being: a potential fan who is unfamiliar with the band could like the music, but not like what the bands looks like.  The logic was, get someone to like the album, then they’ll be more likely to like what you look like afterward.   Lead with the photo, and the looks could turn people off.  Maybe this doesn’t apply once you’ve really hit the big-time?  In any case, tons of bands and musicians go the other way from that recommendation, and to my surprise, a lot of the covers on my list here feature a photo of the band or artist.  This one has one of the coolest photos of three kickass indie rock ladies, including the best-known of them, former Blake Babies and Lemonheads member, and solo artist in her own right, Julianna Hatfield (in center).

#38: ABBA – Arrival

Yes, an ABBA cover made my list!  Come on, it’s a crystal-clear photo of all four pop-star Swedes, squished into the giant-glass-bubble cockpit of a helicopter, that looks like the ones they used on the TV show M*A*S*H, in what looks like the middle of an Iowa cornfield.  How could it not be a fave? Seriously.

#37: Afterdawn – Break 

This NYC-based alt-metal-esque quartet broke up in 2009, but they are still one of my Top 5 favorite bands of all time.  Lyricist and lead singer Corynne Wilder is also an incredibly talented visual artist.  Her fliers for their shows shocked me with their brilliance and unique creative spark, often featuring fantastical characters that could have stepped into almost any Tim Burton movie and stolen the show.  This cover for one of the group’s two EPs features a nightmarish, perhaps partly-Wizard of Oz-inspired tree, that looks like it’s ready to produce a thousand poison apples, strangle a horde of unsuspecting forest-walkers, or both.

#36: Band of Susans – Veil

A) Purple is my favorite color
B) This cover – to me – perfectly matches the sound that you hear on the record
C) The sound on the record is AWESOME, which means, so is the cover
D) Purple is my favorite color

Next time: #31 to #35, y’all!

Have a favorite rock album cover or two of your own?  We wanna see!  Share it with me and your fellow readers in the comments below, on Facebook at, or on Twitter @collindaniels.

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  1. LOL I love the Veil reasons. Hysterical :) -Kel xo