Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pretty Blades in Pacific Beach

Just before going on last night, outside the 710 Beach Club
Last night I played the open mic at the 710 Beach Club, in the Pacific Beach section of San Diego, for the second week in a row.

The night before on Facebook, my good friend Martin from the band Plumerai in Boston suggested I play my songs "Binge" and "Motherfucker" soon at an open mic.  These are both songs I recorded with my first band Victor Bravo.  "Binge" was on our first record, the 4-song Shut Out the Sky EP.  "Motherfucker" appeared on both our second record, the 7-song EP Sky Full of Messages, and our first LP, Hammer Meets Fire.  They were both staples of the VB live set throughout our existence.

Once "Motherfucker" was written and performance-ready, we pretty much used it as our set-closer at every show for over three years running.  It was always a crowd favorite.  It is also the only song of mine I know of so far of which anyone has ever attempted a cover of...Martin's band Plumerai played an instrumental version of it at The Cantab Lounge in Boston a couple of years back (which, although amazing, I did not recognize until Martin told me after the show what it was!) 

I've played both these songs live solo before, but it had been a while since I had.  So last night, I led off with "Binge," and then played my relatively new song "Pretty Blade Trickster." If you've been following my blog lately, you know I play that one pretty much every time now.  I finished with "Motherfucker," just like in the VB days.  So it ended up being a much more punk rock-heavy set than I have played so far.  But I really enjoyed it, as the two older songs have always allowed me to get into the emotion of them quite easily

The folks hanging out at the 710 Beach Club were attentive and very appreciative.  

Oh, I wanted to mention...I sold my first CD in San Diego yesterday, a copy of my first solo acoustic record, The Darkness and The Light.  In the past, I have at times had a habit of not being grateful for good things that happen through my music.  Because, to my inflated ego at the time, the number wasn't high enough.  Now I am working on shifting to an attitude of being grateful for every wonderful thing that happens on my journey with music, regardless of size.  So I am VERY psyched to have my first CD sale in San Diego in the bag!

Looks like the next two days I'll mainly be playing and practicing at home, in preparation for the Open Mic Rancho San Diego on Saturday.  I'll be playing three songs there, perhaps again with a drummer and bass player.  I'm scheduled to go on at 2:00PM PT.  If it is sunny and warm, it will be held in the gorgeous, outdoor courtyard at Starbucks at 2512 Jamacha Road.  If it is raining or too chilly (a rarity in these parts, but it does happen occasionally), it will be moved to Anna's Family Restaurant, 8099 Broadway in Lemon Grove.

Thanks for visiting and reading!

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  1. You said the folks were appreciative and attentive. Did you have fun????