Sunday, March 24, 2013

Magical Music in Rancho San Diego

Yesterday I had the privilege of playing the Open Mic Rancho San Diego, which is one of the friendliest gatherings of local musicians I have come across.  It's a group of people from this part of San Diego they call East County, who just love to play, listen to, and support music.  

The venue changes from Saturday to Saturday, being held in a different spot in this part of the city.  Yesterday it was held at Hooley's Irish Bar and Restaurant, on Jamacha (pronounced "Hamishaw") Boulevard.  They have a wonderful back room with a large stage and great seating area, which made for the most pleasant of settings.

All the musicians were accompanied by the very talented drummer Dave Farrell and the amazing bass player John "J-Rod" Rodriguez.  I played two songs for the first time live in front of an in-person audience.  I started off with "Dancing Wheels," and then played "Love by the Lake."  It was so incredible to not only play these for a live audience for the first time, but to have basically a full band with me as I did!  Dave and John just followed my lead expertly, and my songs came to life in a way I had not previously experienced.  

I closed my set with "Home of Love," and although we needed a moment or two to sync back up for the tempo change near the end, by the song's conclusion I was on a pretty big natural high.  I have played that one for a live audience several times before, but never with bass and drums.  It felt pretty awesome.

All the performances at this open mic are videoed, and I am told a video of one of the three songs I performed with Dave and John will be posted on their YouTube Channel very soon.  I will of course post it here as soon as it is available.

I want to thank everyone in this wonderful group for putting on such a magical event yesterday, and especially thank Steve Roche, Teri Hoffman and Paul Grinvalsky for organizing it all, doing all the publicity, and being so incredibly friendly and welcoming to myself, a stranger new to town.

You can check out Open Mic Rancho San Diego on their Facebook page
Singer & Co-Organizer Teri Hoffman Sets Up at
Hooley's Yesterday (Singer-Guitarist and Fellow
Co-Organizer Paul Girnvalsky Sets Up Behind Her)

At the very top of this post is a video of a performer from last week's Open Mic Rancho San Diego, held outside in the courtyard of the Starbucks just down the road from Hooley's.  It's an original song called "Forever," written and performed by 13-year-old Phili Villalobos.  The description on YouTube suggests that it is about a family member with Alzheimer's.  I just think it's beautiful.

Will take my third consecutive, weekly attempt to play the Lestat's Open Mic tomorrow night, followed by the open mic at Rebecca's Coffee Shop Tuesday night.  Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog.  Have a fantastic day.

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  1. Had a hard time hearing all the words to Forever, but it sounds like a great song, just needs a more powerful voice. Love watching folks singing OUTDOORS ! Not seen this time of year in Maine, that's for sure. Keep postin'; I'll keep followin'.