Friday, February 22, 2013


Well unfortunately for several weeks now I've been stuck in my perfectionism. Allow me to explain.

I packed up my silver 2002 Honda Civic in Saco, Maine on November 14, 2012, and started driving south and west.  Along the way, I enjoyed wonderful visits with friends in NYC (whatup, Scott, Matty, Mike & Corynne!), Vienna, West Virgina (holla, Tasha & Chris!), Cincinnati (shout out to Susan, Keith, John, Daniel, Steve, David, Ro and Ron!), Kansas City (hey Victoria!), Flagstaff, Arizona (hi Erika!) and The City of Angels (props to Corey and Isaac!).  

I arrived in my new home of San Diego, California on December 2, 2012.  And I realized immediately that by moving clear across this great country of ours, to a place I had never even visited before, in which I knew precisely NO ONE, that I had a lot of stuff to do.

So a week went by, and I thought, "You know, I haven't been able to do a new episode of LIVE from The Basement since I left on my trip.  I haven't been able to shoot any new song videos and post them on my YouTube channel.  I haven't even been posting on Facebook or Twitter that much." I thought carefully about how to remedy this situation.

Too often me thinking carefully ends up meaning that I will procrastinate something important for a VERY long time.  And that's what happened.  Another week went by.  And then another.  I thought, "I really need to create just the right post, the PERFECT post, for my blog." I had that thought every day. For several days in a row.  All of a sudden, it was January. I kept thinking. "You know, now that SO MUCH time has gone by, I REALLY need the perfect blog post to explain to all the nice folks who like my music why I've been out of touch for so long."  More days went by.  Then more weeks.  Then it was February.  I kept thinking about my wonderful blog post, which would update you all perfectly.

So of course I also had those thoughts today.  But TODAY I then had a new, different thought.  

"How about I just break the ice here, and write a blog post saying something like...

'Hello!  I moved to San Diego and I love it here!  I've been really busy with lots of things to do.  My music has had to take a bit of a back seat while I have focused on setting up my new life here, meeting new people and learning my way around. I probably should have seen that coming, but, well...I just didn't.  In any case, that was temporary.  I am itching, itching, ITCHING to make more music and share it with you.  But first, I wanted to just say hello.' "

So, um...hello.


  1. Hello, Collin -- Goodbye, Devil :-0

  2. Hi, Collin!!!!! So good to read your blog again! Glad you stepped down from Perfectionism (since there is nothing that's Perfect, well, except....) and said hello. We're itching to hear another "Live from the Basement" show. Hope you can start playing the music that's inside you soon!

    1. Thanks so much, Miss Maddie! I really appreciate your support, thanks for reading my blog & all your support.