Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tour Update (and Other News...)

Just wanted to update you on the tour I'll be doing starting this August.  Venues and bills are not 100% nailed down yet, but it does look like I'll be playing O'Brien's in Allston, Mass (right near Boston) on Monday, August 20, then Philadelphia (venue TBA) on Tuesday, August 21, and Minneapolis/St. Paul on Sunday, August 26.  There should be like, at least 20 or so more cities and dates added, but that's what I have so far for you.  Of course I'll keep you up to date as confirmations and further information comes in.  So excited to get on the road again!!

This past Monday, I wrote an instrumental song, called "Sunshine Every Day."  I recorded it with four tracks on an app on my Apple iPhone4, made a video for it and posted the whole thing on my YouTube channel, all in the same day.  The recording is a bit rough, but when I finished, I just had this moment of being in awe of the technology at our fingertips these days.  Pretty incredible.  

I have been working pretty hard the last couple of weeks on a new music video for my song "Hey, Colleen."  I am definitely on the home stretch with it, so I am guessing I'll have that up on my YouTube channel within a week or two.  It's gotten a really great response from the people who have seen the rough cut, so hopefully it'll be something people will enjoy.

That's the news for now.  Thanks so much for visiting my site here and reading.  Keep rockin'!! 

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