Thursday, May 3, 2012

"LIVE from The Basement" Show on UStream TONIGHT
Just wanted to share my excitement about my new, weekly, live, online concert show on UStream, "LIVE from The Basement."
You can watch and listen to the show in real time on your computer, iPad or iPhone (get the free UStream App first, to watch on those Apple devices).  Just go to my UStream channel at
 9PM ET/8PM CT/7PM MT/6PM PT and the show streams live on your computer or iThingy.

Last week was the first time we did the show, and I was shocked by how much fun it was.  So I'm really looking forward to tonight.  I hope I get a few requests...last week's show was all-request, but this week I'll have some songs lined up also.

You can request a song, during the show, on UStream's "Social Stream" chat feature (
DON'T use the feature labeled "Chat" right next to it, kinda confusing I know).  You have to register with the UStream site, and log in, to do that.  If you don't wanna do that, no worries, those are UStream's rules, not mine.  You can also Tweet them to me right on Twitter @collindaniels.  I'll read any suggestions I get during the show, and happily play whatever I can for ya.

UStream also keeps all past shows in recorded form on my page.  So if you ever miss a show but wanna go watch it afterwards, in whole or in part, you can, just as if it were on YouTube.  Just go to the link above, and you'll see past episodes as one of the choices.

For the past recorded shows, UStream does interrupt your viewing every 7-10 minutes or so to play a 30-second TV ad.  But they also let you pick when to watch it, so if you're watching and I'm half-way through a song when the ad-prompt pops up, you can wait until I finish playing the song, and THEN watch the ad.  When the ad's over, it jumps you back to the show right where you left off, so you'll see me start playing my next song, with no chronological interruption.  Not too intrusive really, when compared to other forms of web advertising these least in my book.

Hope you can check out the show, either tonight or some time in the near future.  It's one of those cool, 21st-Century experiences that blows the mind a little bit when you first experience it.  I'll be doing it every Thursday night at the same time for a while, except for May 31st, when I have an "offline" show at Geno's Rock Club in Portland, Maine.  I'll be attempting to broadcast that show on the UStream channel, as well though, we'll see how that goes. "Hello, Geno's?  How robust is your in-house Wi-Fi connection...?"

Thanks for reading, keep rockin' as always.  ++Collin

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