Thursday, July 15, 2010

Minneapolis/St Paul Show - Big V's July 14

My previous two visits to the Twin Cities were so enjoyable, and this third time around has been no exception. I got to hang out with two great friends, Brue and Xtina, the drummer and bassist respectively of the Minneapolis band Grey Matador. Brue set up the show last night at Big V's and invited me on to the bill, and Xtina once again put me up at her palatial estate. I am truly grateful to them both, and it was wonderful to see them both again and catch each other up on our lives.

I've played Big V's once before, on my first trip here, and I really love the place. It has a spacious stage, great sound system, and plenty of room for people to take in the music. I opened the show and had a total blast. There were plenty of people there and everyone was supportive and appreciative.

The show was the live debut of a new Twin Cities band, Robots from the Future, a great 2-piece comprised of Reynold and Keith. These two guys really blew me away and were super-nice in person to boot. I felt really fortunate to have such a great seat at their first show ever, and I wish them all the best for a bright future making and playing music together.

The night was closed out by Sexy Uncle, which is a band that Ron (who also ran the sound last night, and has been in a handful of Twin Cities bands, including We Are Awesome) shepherds into existence each night they have a show. He recruits musicians who played earlier in the night, they all get up on stage, and they improvise an entire set together, right there on the spot. I had seen Sexy Uncle the first time I played Big V's and I was stunned by the spontaneous creativity that Ron put out and divined out of his fellow musicians. So when Ron asked me to be a part of Sexy Uncle last night, I was pretty thrilled.

Last night's unique and one-time-only line-up was comprised of 3 guitarist/vocalists, myself, Ron and Noah, frontman for the band The Dry Heaves I played with on my 2 previous visits here. I had so much fun making up my part for each song as we rolled through our "instant set." My favorite tune, I think, was the last one, where I put down my guitar and just did vocals, which Ron titled "He Has No Hands" right before we began to write/play it.

I want to thank everyone in the Twin Cities for making me feel so at home once again and helping me have such a fantastic tour stop. I feel like I may be saying this a lot on this tour, but I'm looking forward to hitting this town again sometime soon.

My set list from last night:

1. Home of Love
2. The Door
3. I Luv the Twin Cities (New Song, Live Debut)
4. When I Fall
5. Beautiful Wanderer
6. Make the Escape
7. Alien Homeland
8. Binge
9. Motherfucker


  1. Hey Collin,

    You handed me a CD yesterday afternoon at the auto glass place after I turned to you and asked if you were having a "fucking bad day, too," or something equally inappropriate to say to a stranger. Thanks for the kind gesture. I am listening to your music now and enjoying it. Glad your set went well last night.

    Jen McVay

  2. Hey...i think I was there for a short time wasn't I??? :P

  3. Hey, Jen! Thanks so much, I'm glad you're enjoying your CD. Sorry again about your bad day on Wednesday, hope today is a much better day for you! :)